Revitalize Your Arena With PERMA-CAP®

Perma-Cap-Photo-wood_smYou may not need a total bleacher replacement but the cost of maintaining your current set is adding up. Perma-Cap offers a simple solution to a big problem. The Perma-Cap vinyl cover installs over your existing bleachers. No painting. No sanding. Just one installation saves you hours of labor and leaves you with a stadium bursting with school spirit.

Supporting your fans with enhanced bleacher seating. Rejuvenate your outdated bleacher seating with Perma-Cap covers that enhance the spectator seating experience. Spectators love the Perma-Cap outdoor bleacher covers because they act as an insulator that doesn’t draw heat away from the body like aluminum. It’s an ideal way to add color and comfort to your existing aluminum grandstands.  Perma-Cap will breathe new life into your indoor bleachers as well by eliminating the costly replacement and maintenance associated with lumber. Plus, the vibrant colors add a splash of school spirit!