Dasher Boards Re-Built with Puck Board and to Reuse Tempered Glass

Retrofi Dasher Boards at the Badeque ArenaA former settlement for a large number of United Empire Loyalists who landed following the American Revolution, Bedeque was deemed “the place that lies on the backward turn” by Native settlers.

One of the Island’s most heavily farmed regions, the community is situated amongst endless potato fields, calling to mind the vital role agriculture plays in the well-being of so many Islanders. The Bedeque Bay, into which the Dunk River empties, teems with a variety of wildlife and is a popular destination for many anglers.

In this small community, the recreation centre is the hub in which a great meny of this towns activities revolves around.

In June 2015 Sound Barriers completed a re-build of the Badeque & Area Recreation Centre arena.

The rebuild consisted of manufacturing new steel frames on site to accommodate the existing arena footprint. HDPE white puckboard was then attached using countersunk colour matched screws. Yellow puckboard kick strip and red puckboard top sill were then installed again using countersunk colour matched screws.

Puckboard, is a versatile, adaptive plastic material. Made of robust HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene). Puckboard is durable resilient, and can take high impacts without cracking or breaking even in cold temperatures. Puck board is the idea product for arena dasher boards. Puckboard is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses.

In the design and manufacturing of the dasher board steel frame, Sound Barriers was able to place the aluminium stanchions in such as manner as to reuse the tempered glass barriers in the system, reducing the overall cost rebuild to the arena.