Doors for Coolers and Freezers

Cold storage doors and traffic doors are available to suit your requirements.


Industrial impact traffic doors are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications where a barrier is required between two areas while allowing for the pass through of pedestrian, forklift traffic and finished goods.

Series 2000, Impact traffic door, These tuff, durable door panels are suspended from gravity hinges on the top only. This allows wide loads to pass through unobstructed. Ideal for pedestrian, push cart, light motorized, and forklift traffic. Permits speedy traffic flow while conserving energy.

Series 4000 Industrial impact traffic door, this heavy duty rubber impact door is designed to with-stand abusive heavy duty traffic while protecting loads and equipment from damage. The tough 1/2” thick gravity suspended panels flex to absorb impact. A large centre overlap assures a minimum of air loss.

Series 4300 Industrial impact traffic door, this rigid insulated impact door is perfect where privacy temperature control and appearance are major considerations. The rugged v-cam hardware is designed to be virtually maintenance free. To compensate for negative pressure there is an adjustable spring. Series 4500 Industrial impact traffic door, when privacy into restricted areas, temperature control are considerations, this heavy duty rigid insulated impact door is perfect. This floor mounted, gravity type v-cam hinges and a welded steel tubular inner frame work can with stand heavy duty forklifts.

Series 4700 Industrial impact traffic doors, boasting impressive 1.75” thick panels that can with-stand forklift traffic, this Super “Tuff” insulated impact door is lightweight enough for pedestrian traffic. The cam type hardware is fully enclosed providing unmatched protection in wash down areas.


Clear Flexible Strip Curtains are cost effective enclosures which control the environment between two areas. The clear flexible strips provide unsurpassed visibility for safety in high traffic areas. The edges of each strip are rounded for protection. A concave-convex overlapping pattern enhances the sealing effect.