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Accessories and Parts


Many types of hardware are available to suit your requirements such as gate latches, ice side release latches, gate keepers, pin and piano hinges, heavy duty adjustable machine gate hinges, closure bars, and castors.

HDPE puckboard is available in thickness from .220″ to 1″ and in the following colours: white, yellow, gold, red, dark blue, and light blue. Colour matched fasteners are available to fasten to either wood or metal.

Tempered glass or acrylic shielding is available in ½” or 5/8″ thickness and heights from 3’ to 8’. Custom heights, speakholes, and camera holes are also available. Aluminum shield supports and gaskets are available for all applications. Bumper pads are available for termination or 90 degree corner locations.

Protective netting is available in white or black nylon, or monofilament mesh custom manufactured to fit your requirements. Our specialized installation techniques provide a tight and flat finish, minimizing visual obstruction.