Sani-Bench by Sound Barriers

Upgrade Your Facility’s Change Room with Sani-Bench HDPE Bathroom Benches

sani-benchOne of the most important areas to focus on is your facility’s change rooms.

Sani-Bench by Sound Barriers allows you to focus more on your facility due to durability and low maintenance costs.

  • Dent, scratch, and graffiti resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Never rust or delaminate
  • Custom lengths up to 6 feet

Combatting Mold Effectively with New Change Room Benches

Most bathroom benches are made from wood or fiberglass. While these materials can be visually appealing, they’re vulnerable to mold growth. Mold will find its way inside and begin to sprout, resulting in a painstaking removal, as well as the possibility of having to replace your change room benches altogether.

If mold is present on your change room benches, then it’s probably too late. However, you can easily combat mold growth with the right building material for your change room benches. One such material is HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This is a solid plastic that’s designed to last a long time, and stand tall against the elements.

HDPE change room benches are impervious to interior mold growth due to their solid plastic construction. They’re also resistant to scratches, dents, and rust. These change room benches are very low maintenance, and they’ll last for many years, so you won’t need to continue replacing them as they can stand up to heavy moisture and humidity, adding a healthy dose of sustainability to your facility’s bathrooms.

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