EMS – Keeping it Clean

LS 3000 hygienic rail

Keep it clean with the LS 3000 hygienic rail!

Hygiene, a circumferential seal, easy handling and a guaranteed long lifespan. These were the objectives that our engineers had to solve.

The result is the new LS 3000 hygienic rail made of polished stainless steel, which has this
attribute exactly. We even added something to it: Our engineers have developed a patented
energy storage unit (DE 100 11 245.5). This makes it easy for you to lift the door out of its final
position without having to exert a lot of force. Also, we thought of something else for its installation.
Both the round stainless steel tube as well as the rail support is delivered in parts
depending on the length required. This simplifies transport and makes the installation easier
in hidden or difficult to access places.

It’s still adjustable. As usual with ems, three-dimensional door plate adjustment is also possible
on the LS 3000 hygienic rail as well. This saves time and money because your sliding
door can be adjusted both comfortably and quickly according to the circumstances both
when it is first installed and at any time during its use.

Certified, hygienic, clean: The independent Institut für Umweltanalytik in Bad Nauheim
has issued a hygiene certificate for our new development and the ems-sliding doors
equipped with it. We would be happy to send you this expert statement.