Sound Barriers Introduces Duralife Lockers to Canada

Duralife Lockers


Introducing Duralife Lockers – the only HDPE plastic locker that is fully fire rated for your corridor application. Specially designed to meet the demands of the school environment. Duralife Lockers are built to withstand the harshest daily use.

The newly designed Duralife Locker is fire rated for school corridors and is fully NFPA 286 compliant, utilizing a denser, more impact and scratch resistant shell to withstand the toughest abuse.

  1. Will Never Rust, Corrode or Delaminate
  2. Resists, Odors, Mildews, Mold, Graffiti
  3. Scratch Resistant
  4. Moisture Impermeability
  5. Impact and Dent Resistant
  6. Non Porous Surface

Duralife Return on InvestmentReturn on Investment:

Over a 20-year period, tremendous savings are realized by investing in Duralife Lockers compared to investing in metal lockers. The above chart takes into account the initial costs of maintenance, dent and scratch repair, repainting, graffiti removal and replacement of damaged and corroded parts to create a cost of ownership model. Within 2 years, HDPE lockers are less expensive than metal lockers. In 20 years, the accumulated savings are substantial.





Duralife FeaturesFeatures:

1: Continuous Strike – Fully integrated 1/2″ thick HDPE 6-point strike for improved locking performance and security

2: Latch – 6 point push to-close latch mede of extremely durable HDPE

3: Lock – Fully compatible with most standard and recessed combination locks

4: Door – Full-height solid HDPE door with arc ventilation

5: Frame – Solid HDPE tongue and groove construction with corrosion resitant mechanicals fasteners

6: Hinge – Full-Height anodized steep piano hinge



Duralife SustainabilitySustainability:

1: Improved air quality

2: No painting means no VOC emissions

3: Contains 25-100% post consumer content

4: 100% recyclable

5: Resists, mold, mildew and fungus

6: Factory responsible recycling


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