Resistall PartitionsSound Barriers has sold the first Resistall plastic toilet partitions in Ontario to the Lucan Community Memorial Centre ( Lucan,ON ). The first ever sale was to Evolution Ice in Montreal,PQ.

The order is for six (6) stalls and it will replace the existing hollow metal stalls in their seasonal park restrooms.

The Lucan Centre currently has Santana 1” thick solid plastic throughout their facility but they were looking for a less expensive option for their needs in the seasonal park restrooms. The restrooms are only open from May- October and then they are shut down.

Resistall Partitions, which are competitive with traditional metal partitions, are manufactured from HDPE and are impermeable to moisture and will never need painting unlike metal partitions. They will also never delaminate and are built to resist mildew, odours, corrosion and dents, saving maintenance costs.

The Partitions will ship in April and will be installed by the Lucan staff.