Sound Barriers Uses Kingspan Insulated Panels For 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games Athletes Village Cafeteria

Pan Am Kingspan BuildThe Pan Am Games Athletes Village, located near Front St. and Cherry St., is ready to host around 7,100 athletes, coaches, and trainers from countries across the North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean when the games kick off in mid-July. Everything the competitors could need is within walking distance, from accommodations to laundry services to a gym, and dining hall.

Working with Roberts On Site (, Sound Barriers completed the cafeteria and refreshment areas of this project in April 2015.

This temporary facility provides the cafeteria, kitchens, coolers, production areas, serving areas and refreshment areas for the Pan Am athletes.

Sound Barriers used Kingspan ( 70mm insulated panels to construct the main structure within the larger tented area. This installation also included Superseal traffic doors and cooler/freezer doors.

Kingspan offers the best lineup of high performance, cost and energy efficient insulated metal wall panels and roof systems in the industry. It starts at the factory, where the single component systems are built. This eliminates the need for multiple trades, which increases build time and diminishes delays. The single component insulated metal wall and roof systems built by Kingspan can reduce on-site installation time by up to 50% compared to traditional multi part site assembled built-up systems.

Kingspan Ceiling InstallationHigh performance and efficiency start in the factory and continue throughout the lifetime of the panel. This is possible because Kingspan insulated wall systems offer superior R-values (7.5 per inch) with unparalleled thermal performance during service life. One key factor to the panels’ efficiency is the fact that the insulation is on the exterior of the building structure to provide the best possible thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging typical of cavity wall systems. And to complete it all, the moisture resistant panels feature excellent foam-to-foam contact, which provides an unbroken thermal shield against heat transfer.

As an added benefit, testing and field results show that insulated metal panels (IMPs) contribute to ROI and energy efficiency. Which means adding Kingspan’s metal roof and wall system optimizes a building’s performance and it becomes the first step towards NetZero energy. This is know as the EnvelopeFirst™ approach to design, a focus on enclosure performance including durability, airtightness, and better moisture and thermal control.

Superseal Series 2000 flexible vinyl impact traffic door were used to provide quick ingress and egress for product suppliers. Designed for door openings up to 10′ W X10′ H, The Series 2000 Vinyl impact door is the most economical solution for applications where wide loads are forced to pass through narrow restricted openings. The tough, durable door panels are suspended from gravity hinges at the top only, providing unobstructed passage. No lower hinge hardware to be damaged or width reducing jamb guards. The hinge hardware allows the door to open with impact and return gently to a closed position. Available in several colours the tough reinforced vinyl fabric and standard impact plate(s) make this door ideal for pedestrian, push cart, light motorized and forklift traffic. Thermal models are available where temperature control is necessary. A wide selection of window options permits safe, speedy traffic flow while conserving energy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Since this is a temporary structure for Pan Am Games use, Sound Barriers will be de-installing the building materials used, and repurpose them for other industrial/commercial applications. Thereby reducing waste entering our landfill and making this a “Green” rated structure.