The Food Production "Cold Chain" and a Food Safe Sanitary Facility Design – part 1

kinkspan_shadowlineCold storage solutions play a critical role in the successful design of food safe facilities.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That philosophy forms the underlying foundation for current food safety regulations in the United States and Canada.

Refrigeration provides one of the most important preventative measures for protecting food products. At the same time, refrigeration presents a major challenge in the cold storage supply chain.

For manufacturers, distributors and retail venues, fluctuations in temperature by only a few degrees could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Recently, one food manufacturer suffered estimated losses in the range of $250,000 in a one-week time period due to suspected temperature abuse.

The company also sustained damage to their brand identity. In an environment of instant information transfer, it didn’t take long for websites, social media outlets and news organizations to spread word of the food safety issue.

Fortunately the situation involved no documented cases of illness. Imagine the repercussions if consumers had experienced widespread infection requiring medical attention. The legal ramifications could have been devastating.

Have you performed an audit of your “cold chain”? What risks might be going undetected?

In part 2 of our series, The Food Production “Cold Chain” and a Food Safe Sanitary Facility Design, we’ll discuss the challenges food safe products must overcome in getting to the consumer.

Sound Barriers and Kingspan Can Help You Conquer the “Cold Chain” Challenge

The necessity to maintain the proper temperature in cold storage systems proves to be a challenge for some. Kingspan’s “cold chain” solutions include cold storage panel systems for walls, roofs and Hercules Insulated Doors.

The diverse product line offers a highly efficient perimeter for temperature extremes. Kingspan insulated panel systems can be applied to atmospheric controlled environments where hygienic control is of utmost importance. The use of Kingspan cold storage wall panels, cold storage roof panels, and Hercules Doors are designed to fit the needs of any thermally controlled building envelope.