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Updated Kemlite FRP Installation Instructions

Accessories and Parts


Many types of hardware are available to suit your requirements such as gate latches, ice side release latches, gate keepers, pin and piano hinges, heavy duty adjustable machine gate hinges, closure bars, and castors.

HDPE puckboard is available in thickness from .220″ to 1″ and in the following colours: white, yellow, gold, red, dark blue, and light blue. Colour matched fasteners are available to fasten to either wood or metal.

Tempered glass or acrylic shielding is available in ½” or 5/8″ thickness and heights from 3’ to 8’. Custom heights, speakholes, and camera holes are also available. Aluminum shield supports and gaskets are available for all applications. Bumper pads are available for termination or 90 degree corner locations.

Protective netting is available in white or black nylon, or monofilament mesh custom manufactured to fit your requirements. Our specialized installation techniques provide a tight and flat finish, minimizing visual obstruction.

Freezer and Cooler Doors




Sound Barriers supplies and installs a wide range of freezer and cooler doors to suit your particular needs and budget. Contact Sound Barriers for: 

  • Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Blast Freezers
  • Atmosphere Control Grow Rooms
  • Medical & Science Manufacturing Warehousing
Deep Freezing Applications
  • Double Frame Gasket – is available for “Extreme” Temperature applications.
  • Heated Frame option (freezer).
  • Aluminium wrap around Frame
Door Frames

We offer a variety of Door Frames to suit any existing Site Condition, or Project Specification.

  • Aluminium
  • White Clad Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • H.D.P.

Our Door Frames are hand made, using only the finest of materials.

Cold Storage Wall Panels and Ceiling Panels

Sound Barriers supplies and installs a wide variety of insulated panels for your diverse applications.  The product line offers a highly efficient perimeter for temperature extremes, from blast freezers to pharmaceutical stability rooms.

Insulated panel systems can be applied to atmospheric controlled environments where, in all cases, high-cost finished product protection and hygienic control is of utmost importance. The use of Sound Barriers cold storage wall and ceiling  panels are designed to fit the needs of any thermally controlled building envelope.

Contact Sound Barriers to learn more.

Longlac Arena Gets a New Pre-fab Aluminium Dasher Board System

longlac_ontarioThe community of Longlac is located in the amalgamated Town of Greenstone, in north west Ontario.  

pf_a_01Sound Barriers was pleased to be selected as the supplier for their new dasher board system. Sound Barriers supplied the PF-A-1 pre-fabricated aluminium dasher board system. This system was selected for it’s reliability, long life, ease of installation and ease of maintenance. 

This complete installation included all boards and tempered glass, player and penalty boxes and benches, and safety netting for the spectator areas. 

Glencoe Community Arena

PRESS RELEASE: ON October 2, 2017

Glencoe Memorial Arena Renovation

GLENCOE, ON, October 2, 2017

glencoe_6“The Glencoe Memorial Arena, home of the Southwest Bullets, Glencoe Skating Club and Glencoe Fusion Synchronized Skating, is excited to announce the replacement of our arena rink boards.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.
As a community hub, this arena and the many who make use of it will benefit from our safe new rink board system.

The project began with the removal or the existing boards earlier this spring and was near completion with the installation of the new boards just in time to open the skating season on the first day of October.

The total project will cost approximately $200,000, with one third of this cost covered by the Government of Canada’s Community Infrastructure Program.

Sound Barriers was happy to work with community of Glencoe Ontario to update this arena. 

The Sound Barriers team provided the removal services for the old arena boards to prepare for the installation of the new prefabricated aluminium dasher board system. The dasher boards included player / penalty boxes, electric machine lift gate and ad board kits. Clear mono-filament spectator netting was also provided to protect the public viewing areas. 

Spectator Netting

Sound Barriers supplies and installs spectator safety netting for your needed application, including:


Knotless Black Nylon Spectator Netting: Break strength 160lbs Yarn thickness: 1.8mm twine. 1 ½” square mesh.












Black Kevlar Spectator Netting:  NHL Approved 12A , twisted (1.2 mm).












Clear Monofilament Spectator Netting: Break strength 95-100lbs. Stretch mesh size ¾”. Yarn thickness: 1.1mm twine.












White Arena Spectator Netting:  Knotless nylon white. Break strength 160lbs Yarn thickness: 1.8mm twine. 1 ½” square mesh.


Earnscliffe Recreation Centre

earnscliffe_1Located in Brampton Ontario, Sound Barriers supplied and installed the new dasher boards for rick 1 at Earnscliffe Recreation Centre. This system consisted of Sound Barriers prefabricated aluminium frames c/w 1/2″ HDPE facing, center lines, blue lines and goal lines, blue backer panels, manual machine gate, player and penalty boxes and benches.



There’s been a trend toward “openness” in restaurants over the past decade or so. It started with the menu. Diners wanted to know exactly what they were eating and how it was raised. And then they wanted to see exactly how their food was prepared, which led to the boom in popularity of the “open kitchen” setup. Not only did it lend a sense of drama to the dining experience but it also let customers see that their meal was being prepared fresh, right in front of their eyes.

This new “open” style has ramifications for designers and operators. More areas of the kitchen are visible than ever before. And, a restaurant’s design concepts now have to carry through both in front and back of the house. That can be a problem because the traditional “pebbled white plastic board” used in the kitchen doesn’t look appealing to diners, nor does it help the restaurant deliver a coherent design message. This is not something that’s strictly
limited to higher-end restaurants. Even quick-serve restaurants are taking things that used to be in the kitchen and putting them out front, such as soda
pop machines. The area around soda machines not only gets splashed by wayward beverages but can get nicked or chipped easily by heavy customer traffic. With customers walking in and out of that area, it needs to be protected with something more than paint.

Today, many restaurant operators are turning to the durable fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels from Crane Composites. As the first and largest global manufacturer of FRP wall paneling, Crane Composites offers a wide range of stock panels to fit any restaurant kitchen as well as the ability to customize panels to meet a client’s individual design requirements.

Many people still know Crane Composites products from their former name, Kemlite®. For years, GLASBORD® has delivered quality at an affordable price, and is the only FRP panel with a Surfaseal® finish to prevent yellowing. VARIETEX® offers a wide range of textures and colors that can still stand up to the heaviest usage. And DESIGNS delivers completely customized printed finishes in FRP paneling, making it perfect for almost any type of foodservice facility.

Countless foodservice operations are upgrading their looks easily with FRP panels from Crane Composites. For example, one major fast casual chain is
using VARIETEX® Sandstone to “transition” the space between seating areas and the kitchen. A national quick-service chain is using GLASBORD® FRP panels in a contrasting color to its overall design concept. A large breakfast chain uses GLASBORD® Beaded panels in its restrooms for a more sophisticated look that’s still easy to maintain. And lots of sports stadiums are using customized DESIGNS panels to keep their team colors or logos splashed across every part of their concession services. FRP panels from Crane Composites are the easy, durable way to keep all areas of foodservice — in back, in front and in between — looking their best.